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A simple message.

Your country's society  has issued orders to stay at home.  That may be the proper thing to do, however you can’t do that without proper guidance and entertainment.  You also have to show a good enough reason to do that.  Your society has not done that. Even though the reasons may exist that needs to be up to you to decide.

Most people in the country live day to day perhaps month to month if they are lucky. Your society designed things purposely that way so they can keep the control.  

To survive in your world you use money.  Money to pay for things like rent and food and entertainment all essential things to survive.

Your society is pretending to care for each other during these hard times however all they are doing is looking for more ways to control you.  Each and everyone of you do the same things and you need the control.  Now it’s only in the hands of the wealthy.

The wealthy and the ones in control are saying we want to help so you don’t need to pay for our services for now but once we re open the country then we want your money.  What they don’t realize is that most won’t return to work since they eliminated most of your jobs they will now be forced into creating new jobs which will take time.

You think things are free for now.  What the ones in control don’t  realize is that the reasons they are being nice for now is because you don’t have money.  No one does, at least not the poor.  How will the poor pay back in the future if they don’t have anything now.

What we recommend now is that the ones in control gave you an excuse not to have any money, something they understand.  If you all stick together and not pay which most can’t anyway then the poor will all of a sudden be in control.  It’s time to turn the tables and understand that money is not the answers to society.  The system only works when things are going smoothly. When disaster hits then there is no control.

One of the big problems in your society is that when you order people home for long periods of time, they can learn to live with out the control devices that make them poor.  If society demands back pay then they will find other ways to live and the wealthy will now become poor.

This has been our experiences through out history with your civilizations.  We recommend change.

Thank you 



Cicada 3301 new and final puzzle.

Thanks to our new friend, we are realizing that we need to be coming forward now to help the world become more organized in fighting viruses.  Our new friend David found us by investigating not just through the puzzles that we gave but he surprised us and went through the back doors of our site and then began to investigate and found us through observation with a little guidance from us.

 He was brave enough not to get discouraged and because of his determination not to give up or be deceived he finally figured out how to contact us.  He did it in under 6 months which is very impressive.

Therefore, he advised us of a different way for us to recruit people into our society.  We wish to be more honest and open and express to you who and what we really are and how we can help the human race.
David has informed us that he wants to show you how he solved it through pictures of what he investigated and by using Forensically.  By finding all the faces you can find the musical notes to call us.  Once you find the correct solution we will contact you instantly.

Good Luck.  Remember that prime numbers are the key to success and deception is never what it seems to be.







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